Profile picture of Marc Backes (very handsome) Profile picture of Marc Backes (very handsome)
Marc Backes
Profile picture of Marc Backes (very handsome) Profile picture of Marc Backes (very handsome)


Hi, I'm Marc, a happily married, 30-something-year-old full-stack web developer 💻 with a strong educational background in software engineering. I am doing freelance work 🚀 based in Luxembourg 🇱🇺, but I do work remotely for international clients.

Work experience

July 2017 - Current · Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Freelancing full-stack web developer

Marc Backes Software Labs

April 2019 - Current · Germany 🇩🇪

Solutions Architect & Full-Stack Developer

talkevent Software GmbH

November 2014 - March 2019 · Germany 🇩🇪

Lead Full-Stack Developer

talkevent Software GmbH

September 2016 – June 2017 · USA 🇺🇸

Chief Executive Officer

Venios, Inc.

May 2014 – September 2014 · Mexico 🇲🇽


HUB iLab Veracruz

March 2012 – May 2014 · Mexico 🇲🇽

Director of Engineering and Software Development

Universidad de Sotavento

January 2013 – January 2014 · Mexico 🇲🇽

College Professor (Computer Science)

Universidad de Sotavento

October 2011 – January 2012 · Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Mobile Application Developer

EducDesign SA

Tech skills

Ruby on Rails


April 2019 - Current · Luxembourg 🇱🇺


Node.js, Express, Vue.js, Nuxt.js & others

2009 - 2011 · Austria 🇦🇹

M.Sc. in Engineering

Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

2006 - 2009 · Austria 🇦🇹

B.Sc. in Engineering

Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

2011 · Mexico 🇲🇽

Marketing (Exchange Semester)

Universidad Istmo Americana

2008 - 2009 · Denmark 🇩🇰

Software Development (Exchange Semester)

Engineering College of Copenhagen

2002 - 2006 · Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Technicien en Informatique (Computer Technician)

Lycée des Arts et Métiers

Language skills

German 🇩🇪 Fluent
English 🇬🇧 Fluent
Spanish 🇪🇸 Fluent
Luxembourgish 🇱🇺 Mothertongue
French 🇫🇷 Basic



If you want to hire me, I'm interested to work in companies that offer modern technologies such as Node.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React.js , etc. I am looking for a role that challenges me and where I can help designing solutions.


I love traveling, especially to cities. I love when a city is vibrant and full of diversity. It might not be a surprise that one of my favorite places on Earth is New York City.


I'm fascinated by technological advances which companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, Boston Dynamics make.

Startups & Companies

I have a big entrepreneurial and startup curiosity which is devided in two fields. On one hand, small companies which try to make it big such as Avena (Mexican-originated fitness app). On the other hand, I like following strategic moves and happenings in big players such as Facebook, Netflix, Spotify .


This is a classic cliché . After (or before) work, I enjoy some coding on the side. I am currently exploring Nuxt and diving deeping in the internal workings of Vue.js in order to be able to contribute to the projects.

Cinema & TV

I love almost any kind of movie, but I always prefer DC and Marvel movies. As of TV: I enjoy my sitcoms like F·R·I·E·N·D·S (all-time favorite), HIMYM, TBBT as well as superhero-themed shows (Flash, Arrow), dramas (Dexter, Breaking Bad, GoT), among others. (If you want to engange in lengthy conversations with me, these are the way to go.)