Profile picture of Marc Backes (very handsome) Profile picture of Marc Backes (very handsome)
Marc Backes

Hello, I'm Marc
and I love web development

I am a full-stack developer / software consultant based in Luxembourg, right in the heart of Europe. I can do remote work for any place in the world.

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If you are interested in my latest work and accomplishments, check out my Polywork -inspired update-page.

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For frontend work, I am personally a huge fan of Vue.js and it's ecosystem (e.g. Nuxt.js ).

For backend work, my go-to tool is Node.js, but I also have experience with Ruby on Rails and PHP.

I excel when I plan complex systems from top to bottom: Database structure, solution architecture, selection of the right tools for the solution, frontend ideas, and everything around it.


Once in a while, I write blog articles . Here are the most recent onces: