2 minutes read

A Quick Guide Through Canonical Links

There are situations where you have the same content on different pages of your or other websites. Normally this would cause the duplicate page to be ranked down by search engines. Setting canonical URLs avoids this.

 3 minutes read

6 Ways To Become A Faster Developer

There are several ways of becoming a faster developer. The most important one is practice, but there is more to it...

 6 minutes read

Secure Your Node.js Application With JSON Web Token

When you build a web application where your front-end and back-end is separated, one way of putting it behind a login is with JSON Web Token. In this post, you'll learn what JSON Web Token (JWT) is, how it works and how to integrate it in your Node.js application.

 7 minutes read

Understand ES7 Async/Await, ES6 Promises And JavaScript Callbacks

As we create more and more detached applications, asynchronous functions are more important than ever. async/await gives you an incredible easy toolset to do this. However, it's important to know what's under the hood.

 6 minutes read

Get Started With The ES6 Array Methods .filter(), .map() and .reduce()

ES6 comes with many new features. One of which are a few very handy `Array` functions. The most popular for doing daily tasks are `.filter()`, `.map`, `.reduce()`. In this post, I'll cover each one with examples of first the "old" way, then with these new functions.